We know from experience that innovation doesn’t follow the beaten path, and that fresh ways of thinking can be the only way to shift existing paradigms. Our modular engineering approach is uniquely positioned to revolutionize T cell therapies.

Customizable CAR* T cells

Multiple binders that target multiple tumor antigens. Co-stimulatory signaling domains that can be tuned to endow CAR* T cells with optimal functionality and persistence. Armors, switches, and enhancers that further optimize CAR T functionality and overcome the immunoinhibitory environment of cancers.

*CAR = chimeric antigen receptor.

T Cell Engineering

Microenvironment modulation to counter the immunosuppressive tumor environment. Altered cytokine profiles that modulate toxicity and efficacy. Allogeneic CAR* T cells may be developed based on successful autologous products.

*CAR = chimeric antigen receptor.


Vector and cell manufacturing with Penn and Strategic Collaborators for rapid clinical development.